KW Suspension

KW Automotive GmbH have enjoyed being the leading force in premium car tuning and auto refinement products for over a decade. Renowned for the manufacturing of motor sport essentials and racing solutions, the variety and quality of their products transform vehicle performance, optimising driving characteristics with the largest suspension programme in the world.

Founded in 1995, KW went from a small company consisting of 3 employees to a global industry leader based in 5 locations with over 200 employees. This massive expansion has allowed them to develop truly innovative test procedures in order to create the highest quality products possible.

In 2006, KW began operating a state of the art 7-post drive dynamics test stand at their headquarters in Fichtenberg, one of only 15 available in the world (most of which are used by Formula 1 teams). This has allowed KW to developed innovative tests to replicate a variety of race track conditions in order to optimising tuning and suspension set ups to their full potential.

KW Automotive are partnered with renowned auto industry specialists around the world, JJB Motors are delighted to now be partnered with KW in order to deliver the best tuning and suspension services.

For more information on how KW products can improve your vehicle’s performance, contact us today on 01904 426 691 for free and friendly advice.

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