Shark Performance

Working to a principal of ‘for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts’, Shark Performance have built a strong reputation for delivering top levels of performance through utilising their performance software. Understanding that different automotive enthusiasts are looking to achieve a wide variety of engine enhancements and not necessarily just power gains. Shark Performance software can work with enthusiasts wanting to boost engine fuel economy or even be utilised for full bespoke remaps written specifically for your vehicles unique combination of engine modifications.

Perhaps the main difference that allows Shark Performance to stand out is that they let their performance software do the talking. Engine tuning, engine remapping or chipping as its sometimes referred to are all effectively the same thing; taking a standard engine and using trusted software to take the engine safely above the manufactures standard set limits.

JJB Motors have worked as a Shark Performance partner for several years, building a strong accredited understanding of the Shark Performance software and have helped many automotive enthusiasts realise their dream of increasing their cars performance, weather that be in terms of power gains or engine fuel efficiency.

If you’d like to learn more about Shark Performance, or would like to discuss how JJB Motors can help to maximise your vehicles performance please call us today on 01904 426 691.

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